Local Pregnancy & New Baby Resources

These stores don't just offer high quality products for your new baby, but also offer support groups, classes, and access to lactation consultants, nutritionists & more.

North Beach: Carmel Blue (I teach an introduction to breastfeeding class here monthly)
The Mission: Natural Resources
Pacific Heights: Day One

Parenting Groups in San Francisco

Golden Gate Mother's Group
San Francisco Parents of Multiples
Noe Valley Stroller Group

Recommended Baby Products

Please see my recommended products on Amazon!

Maya Wrap Sling

This is my favorite baby sling. It is adjustable and versatile. You can carry your baby inward or outward facing, on your front or on your back, and it holds up to 40 lbs, so you can use it for many years. It comes in several different sizes, so not only will it fit every baby, but every parent too!

Phil and Ted's Most Excellent Baby Buggy Company (Strollers)

Okay, they've changed their name to simply "phil&ted's", but I love their original name! They have compact jogging strollers with a rotating front wheel. The unique thing about their strollers, though is their "rumble seat" which allows you add a seat and carry two children, without adding a lot of bulk to the stroller. They also make great portable beds, carriers and carseats.

Primo Baby Bath Seat

This is my favorite bath seat. It's available at Giggle, which has retail outlets in several places in San Francisco. 

Puj Tub

Fits in a bathroom sink, cradles your baby in comfort, but best of all, folds flat and hangs on the back of the bathroom door. Fits babies up to 6 months, and is the perfect space saver until baby is ready for the big kid tub.

Mozart Magic Cube

Finally! An electronic toy that doesn't make you want to scream! Soft mix and match tunes with 5 classical instruments and a complete orchestra.

Chinese Prefold Diapers

Whether you're cloth diapering or not, you'll want a couple of dozen of these. They're not as decorative as some burp cloths, but they are the most absorbent thing on the planet. As a parent of a seven-year-old, I'm still cleaning up spills with them. Don't skimp on the brand - Gerber diapers just aren't the same.

Looking for Something to do with your family in San Francisco?

Go City Kids (San Francisco)

Go City Kids is a terrific resource for parents looking for things to do in San Francisco. It has a calendar of events searchable by neighborhood or activity type. It also has database of schools, childcare, and activities for all ages (like art, dance or athletics) with parent reviews and ratings.

Peekadoodle Kids' Club

Located in Ghirardelli Square, Peekadoodle Kids' Club is like a high end health club designed for families. For a yearly membership fee, you can access an indoor toddler play area great for rainy days, a cafe, and drop off classes for children 20 months and up.  There are mom & me classes for children from 0-5 in everything from music to cooking. 


Another indoor playspace, this one in Portrero Hill. It is a 3200 square foot, multi level playspace appropriate for children up to age 4.  Some activities are included with your membership, other classes are available for an additional charge.  Recess offers on-site childcare during mothers only fitness classes, including Pilates and Yoga. You must see it to believe it!

Moms and Babies Movie

Tragically, it looks like Jill Russo's free mom and baby movie at the Presidio Theatre died an untimely death with the real estate market, however the Vogue Theatre has two Baby Matinee showings a month.

Baby Safety

Toy & Baby Product Recalls - Official CPSC Site

Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database

This includes information about shampoos, lotions, and makeup that contain potentially toxic ingredients. You can use it to make healthier choices about the products you use on your and your baby's skin and hair.


Cloth - Today's cloth diapers are a world away from those popular even 10 years ago.  And cloth diapering is much easier than you would think. Whether you wash them yourself or use a service, they're an eco-friendly choice for babies - and they encourage earlier potty training. Who wouldn't love that?

A family business, Motherease makes high quality, long lasting cloth diapers & covers. The covers are convenient, breathable, and for most babies, completely leakproof. I recommend them highly!

Another family owned business, Wee Bunz sells a huge variety of covers and diaper styles, along with everything you need to use and launder cloth diapers.

Compostable - Do you want to do the right thing for the environment, but cloth diapers just aren't for you? The new eco-kid on the block is compostable diapering.  The convenience of disposable diapers, a service that both delivers and picks them up at your home, and the peace of mind knowing that your baby's diapers are growing beautiful ornamental plants, rather than sitting in a landfill.

Earth Baby: Earth Baby uses the very comfortable Nature's Babycare diapers -- and they even have compostable training pants! This service charges a monthly composting/delivery fee, and has very reasonable prices on the diapers themselves (comparable to other premium diapers on Amazon).

Tiny Tots: Tiny Tots is the local cloth diaper service, but they also offer compostable diapers, enabling you to use both cloth and compostable diapers as convenient.  Tiny Tots has free delivery and pick up, but they charge a composting fee as part of the purchase price of the diapers.  Tiny Tots does not carry compostable training pants.

Lactation and Breastfeeding

La Leche League

La Leche League has an excellent FAQ and website, as well as local mothers' groups in San Francisco.


Avent makes a lovely breast friendly pump system. I used the handheld, manual pump and recommend it highly for occasional pumping. They now have single and double electronic pumps.


Medela makes a powerful, reliable electronic pump. Almost every baby store carries Medela parts and accessories, making it easy to maintain.


Hygeia is a relative newcomer to the breastpump market, but its reusable pump fills a huge need.  Medela pumps are single user only, but Hygeia pumps can be passed on safely.  Comparable in price and very effective, Hygeia is a superb pump choice. (Available in San Francisco at Carmel Blue)


If the regular suction-based breast pumps don't work for you, or you are looking for a gentler way of expressing milk, the new Simplisse pump is amazing.  It was designed by lactation consultants to express milk more like a baby does, and although it can take a little bit of time to get used to, it works beautifully well.  It is also a multi-use pump.