What I Do

Here are just a few of the things that I can do for your family.  My services are always customized to fit your family.  I can run errands for you, or help you learn to manage baby while you do them yourself - it's completely up to you!  
  Baby Care

    - changing diapers
    - soothing
    - bathing
    - sleep teaching
    - answering "is this normal"

Breastfeeding Support

    - latch & positioning assistance
    - breast care tips
    - help with pumping
    - tips to increase milk supply

Emotional Support for Families

    - judgement free listening

Physical Support for Mothers

    - baby care so parents can sleep
    - lifting & carrying around the
    - "room service" -- I bring it to

Bed Rest care - all of the physical and household support with a focus on making your bed rest time as comfortable as possible.

  Nursery Preparation

    - Furniture assembly
    - Organizing
    - Shopping
    - Breastpump Setup

Household Chores

    - dishes
    - laundry
    - shopping
    - tidying

Simple Meal Preparation

    - breakfast
    - lunch
    - one dish dinners & soups
    - postpartum nutrition advice

Sibling Care

    - Entertaining older siblings
    - Help siblings adapt to new baby

Dog Walking

I help the families of Preemies, Twins & Multiples too!